Below is a curated selection of my work. 

This portfolio showcases the diverse types of projects I have designed. I have organized my work by project client to capture my ability to work within an organizations brand look and feel. You can explore using the navigation links below.

UC Berkeley School of Public Health | San Francisco State University | The Ark Newspaper | Sonoma Stompers Baseball Team | Master’s Project | Hoffman Institute

Project: Dean's Speaker Series Publicity Materials

UC Berkeley School of Public Health

The UC Berkeley School of Public Health (SPH) holds a Dean’s Speaker Series (DSS) of events that examine a range of public health topics. The visual look of the publicity changes each year to highlight new speakers and consists of digital and print materials. This series represents a poster, video title card (top right), and a website hero (bottom right).

UC Berkeley has a very strong visual brand that includes a generous color palette, Freight font family, and various graphic elements such as angled borders. I molded these elements to create a distinct look for DSS while holding true to the University’s brand.

UC Berkeley School of Public Health Dean Speaker Series: Climate Change
UC Berkeley School of Public Health Dean Speaker Series: Sugar Panel

Project: Diversity Scholarship Motion Graphics/Videos

UC Berkeley School of Public Health Alumni Association was fundraising for student diversity scholarships at the school. In order to fund these scholarships, the alumni association participated in the UC Berkeley's crowdfunding program. I was tasked with creating motion graphics that informed supporters of how close we were to our fundraising goal, encourage them to give, and thanked them at the end of the campaign. I also packaged - added intro, closing and music, and edited - a short video provided by a previous Diversity Scholarship recipient. Please click on the image to launch video in Youtube.

CLICK PHOTO TO LAUNCH VIDEO  Former Diversity Scholarship recipient Andrew W. Sudler

Former Diversity Scholarship recipient Andrew W. Sudler

CLICK PHOTO TO LAUNCH VIDEO  Video encouraging donors to give during the final days of the campaign

Video encouraging donors to give during the final days of the campaign

CLICK PHOTO TO LAUNCH VIDEO  Video thanking donors for their support of diversity at SPH

Video thanking donors for their support of diversity at SPH

Project: Teaching Kitchen Case Statement

UC Berkeley School of Public Health moved into a new building in Summer 2018. This state of the art education building has the unique feature of commercial kitchen space on the first floor. This kitchen presents an opportunity for philanthropists and donors to provide an endowment to sponsor a teaching kitchen that would offer the local community healthy eating education. I designed a brief case statement that presented the concept and opportunities of the teaching kitchen.


Project: Social Media Ads 

San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning (CEL)

SF State CEL employs a multifaceted approach to engaging with, and marketing to, prospective students. Part of their marketing mix is social media campaigns. SF State CEL initiated geo-targeted social media marketing campaigns that required digital ads and graphics for social media outlets including websites and Facebook. We developed static and carousel ad series for Facebook and a series of static ads to appear on Hearst Media owned websites.

Facebook Carousel Ads

SF State CEL_FB Carousel.jpg

Facebook Static News Feed Ads

SF State-FB_Static Ad.jpg

Project: Email Motion Graphic

SF State CEL uses email to alert prospective and current students of upcoming information sessions and course offerings. We designed and scheduled emails for the various programs including static and motion graphics. Here is an example of a motion graphic that was used as the email hero image.


Project: International Recruitment Marketing Collateral

SF State CEL has a strong international recruitment effort. They needed a complete suite of marketing materials and new visual look for the campaign. I was contracted to develop the visual look of the international collateral and design the individual pieces. With upcoming international college fairs on the horizon, the materials needed to be completed within a few weeks.

My goal was to create a visual campaign that was colorful, youthful and attention getting, but also followed SF State brand standards. The look and feel also had to have the flexibility to be used in many different formats. What follows is my design solution.

International Program One-sheets


Standing Pop-up Banners


Project: SF State CEL Annual Report

SF State CEL needed an annual report that would tell the story of the College through engaging visuals, facts and figures. The report was designed to show the SF State community and external partners CEL's accomplishments, financial contributions to fellow SF State colleges, and its bold and promising future.


Project: "Make a Better Job Happen" Out-of-Home Campaign

SF State CEL launched the “Make a Better Job Happen” ad campaign to support SF State's broader “We Make … Happen” campaign. The simple use of SF State's brand colors and text only graphics provided strong visual contrast to the often visually cluttered Muni/BART stations and rail cars, and was easy to read for commuters.


Project: College Signage

SF State CEL requested small signs in front of their elevators to direct student and visitors to classrooms and offices. The entrance to CEL is confusing because there are two directions available once someone exits the elevators. Seeking to provide the best solution, I did a space assessment of the CEL foyer and discovered more significant signage was needed.

SFSU College of Business (CoB) shares the floor with CEL and often received inquiries from CEL guest because of its visible brushed aluminum signage. I designed an opposing sign to balance the CoB sign and establish CEL's presence on the floor. I also moved their display monitor, which lists classes and room numbers, to an underutilized space that was more prominent to visitors. I also recommended and designed aluminum signage for the registration desk and Dean's office.


Project: Editorial Illustrations 

The Ark Newspaper

The Ark Newspaper is a small weekly publication located in Marin County. Through the years I have provided them with various feature story illustrations. Below are a sampling.

Spooked Girl
Jelly Rojo
Lunch battle
death cap mushroom
miwok indian village

 Project: Editorial Section

The Ark Newspaper produced a bi-annual section titled HOME that focused on the homes and lifestyle of the local community. I worked with the section editor to produce these publications, which have been recognized with awards. The cover and pages here were from an issue that received first place for special editorial section at the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s (NNPA) annual awards.

Home cover

Project: Pocket Schedule

Sonoma Stompers Baseball Team

The Sonoma Stompers produces a pocket schedule every season. This piece is deceivingly complex due to the multiple sponsors included in the schedule. I managed the entire project from design concept and execution, through the coordination, collection or creation of all sponsor ads, to the final printing and delivery.

pcket sched-cover.jpg
Stompers_pckt sched_interior.jpg

Project: Various collateral

Throughout the season, the Stompers needed various additional collateral, including a game day program, digital and print ads, and ball park signage.


Project: Visualization of "The Bully Circle"

Personal Project

As part of a personal project, I created visualizations of various communication theories and concepts. Here I interpreted "The Bully Circle" concept, created by Dan Olweus PhD, into a friendly and easily understood illustrated graphic.


Project: Email Motion Graphics

The Hoffman Institute

The Hoffman Institute focuses on self-healing and personal growth. The Hoffman Institute supports their fundraising and enrollment campaigns with emails communications. We provide them with motion graphics to include in their messaging. Motion graphics are a great way to elevate website and email engagement.